I've written a poem like this before but it's still real

You know I'm not really

Going anywhere in my life

Call me lazy call me week

Since all I want to do

Is sit in my room

All day and all night

Writing poetry that sucks

And stories about vampires

And blood guts and killing

While my pictures are shit

And my music you'll hate

But you know what

It's gone, it's out

It's really okay

Cause I don't give a fuck

What I'm going to be

Or who I am now

All I'm trying to do

Is make it through today

So please stop preaching

You're wasting your time

I'm never going to turn into you

So you know what you can do

With your precious law school

Your rules your taboos

Your fucking conventions

When I reach 18

(if I make it that far)

It'll be the best day of my life

Tattoos, piercings and dyed blue hair

(or purple, or green)

And then I'll come back home

Just to laugh in your faces

Then I'm leaving for good

I'll never see you again

And fill the hole you left

With something else

You'd say I'm just trying to find myself

Typical adolescent agonizing

But I'm no normal kid

Just like you're no normal parents

But you know what

It's gone, it's out

It's really okay

The past will be gone

And at last I'll be alive

Like I've never been before

Do you hear that?


Like you've certainly never been

And I'll laugh in your face

One last time

As I slam the door behind me

One last time

And I know you'll never cry

That's okay cause neither will I

Maybe that's sad, tragic, whatever

Just the way it is

The way you wanted it

The way you made it

It's been so hard living with this

But that's it

Two more years

And then that's that

I'll be free forever