This is perfect.

I'm so fucking happy for you!

Never mind the fact that

We made such a great team.

So scene.

Never mind the fact that I was

Treading very lightly into

The land of the

Very nearly quite happy.

Never mind the poetry.

I thought I knew you.

I thought I liked you.

Now, not so much.

Your judgment sucks.

But I'm glad you have her.

Truly, I am.

This is perfect.

You have someone to hold.

Never mind that she's a whore.

And I can go back to

Hiding in notebooks and

Being alone.

She should have you.

She should win.

She always does, after all.

Never mind that you're just

'A notch in her bedpost.'

God I hope you never read this…

I'm so fucking happy for you.