A thick, smothering sludge of tarmac,

Oozing across green, fertile land.

Row upon row of dull grey buildings,

Like the deadly, endless rows of shark teeth.

Cars and buses and trains crawling all over,

Squirming and infesting like greedy maggots.

Abandoned rubbish snagging on the wind;

Empty husks like ghosts.

Alien, toxic stenches drifting through the air;

A dooming wind that snarls with despair.

Noises, raucous and jarring

Pervade the still, silent land,

And filthy orange lights that glow like demon eyes

Piercing the sacred darkness.

Nature moans beneath the weight of its torment.

Every slipping murmur of every stream and river

Are it weeping,

Every strike of lightning and roar of thunder

Are it raging.

Every low, sorrowful peal of an animal's call

Is it mourning.

And every whisper of every plant and tree

Is it praying.