I see you standing there

All alone

What are you waiting for?

The one that you loved

Your sweet little dove

Is gone forever, my friend

No matter how long

Or how hard

You look at that tiny tombstone

Your little angel

Will rest with God

Until it is your time to join her

But for now

Please stand close to me

I can help make things better

You do not have to stay this way forever

But you just turn away

You are locked in your own little world

Unable to see

Or here anyone

We all loose the most important

People in our lives

But you must understand

That were are also made to live on

To not let even the greatest sorrows

Bring us down

Don't you see?

That you have meant the

World to me all of these years

But you seem not to notice

How much I truly care

I do not want to be the one

To stand on your tombstone

With a heart full of regrets

Not a heart full on love