This will never work

apart always without a break

a jagged second to think, breathe,

through tears I'm lost, thrown away

into black oblivion.

I am our bond.

I'll try to make it work,

I lie just like you,

in wait for a mistake, an RSVP

to give my pity party

an excuse, any reason.

I am wrong.

We will work it out.

We were wrong together,

it's okay, it's beautiful, it's right.

I would follow you to heaven to avoid a lonely hell.

They, we, are one in the same.

With a walk, a glance, a hug,

duct tape memories, the fix all

now cradle it, our arms interwoven,

protect it like wedding china,

almost shattered in memory

but still shining, in one piece, and steady

looking onto the windy yonder.