Mr. Nice

My eyes
My eyes are filled with tears
Filled with sorry
Dreams of what could be
Dreams of what could have been
But what you don't see are the tears
The tears I cry
The tears that flow from my blood shot eyes
You ask me why
Why I cry
But you're too blind to see

I try I try so hard
But it never seems to work
You're like a drug
And you've got me hooked
I'm addicted
I depend on you for survival
Ya see I tell you everything
You run my thoughts
God make it stop
I look at you
I think of you
I want to be with you
But I'm invisible
You don't see me
You don't see my pain
Or do I hide it
Hide it behind the smiles
The laughter
But I do not smile
Happiness is something I do not know
Happiness leers behind all the darkness
It hides behind the shadows
Behind the fear and insecurity
It hides behind my thoughts of you
Yet it's so unlikely
'Cause you're all I ever wanted
All I ever asked for
You're my hopes
And my dreams
You're Mr. Nice