"What have you always wanted to be called?"


"Tiny?" he thought. This 4 letter word held no special meaning as far as he could see. Before he could ask why, his uncertainty was heard.

"Tiny is a faerie, beautiful and treasured, able to be held, yet respected. Tiny can be protected, cradled like a child, yet still a blossomed mind. Tiny is never overbearing in someone's lap, nor forgotten. Tiny can be overpowered momentarily by more, but is always treasured for being just right. Most of all, tiny can be forced into anything. When a faerie is in love, there is complete trust." she smiled and gave him a hug.

"Tiny," he thought while resting his head on hers, "Yes, tiny." he smiled feeling so lucky to be holding a tiny dictionary filled with not all the world's words, but with sparkles and shimmers of life in every word it contained. He had no second thoughts as he pulled a tiny film canister out of his pocket filled with a sparkling treasure.