Yeah, I'm not good at poetry, but all my friends have poetry in theirs and so I don't want to be left out! The mood just hit me right one day and so I typed this up. Anyways, this is a poem about how my friend and I used to play everyday. We were (and still are) anime addicts, so instead of role-playing on tradition paper or internet sites, we'd just go outside and roleplay as characters. Except we could change into whoever we wanted, whenever we wanted, and weren't bound to the rules of role-play. We made up our own rules! So this poem is for her...I actually saw her yesterday so it makes me feel all warm inside. Be nice to me...



Days have passed, and suddenly I remember

Of a time I thought would never end

But it did that one lone and cold September

The time I lost a friend

Such as we were, foolish kids

But such fun we had!

The time my imagination ran wild

And made some parents mad

My dear best friend Cassie,

She met me everyday!

As soon as I'd get off the bus

We'd run to the neighbors and play

Deadly attacks and swords and words

Were flung back and forth

We became whoever we wanted

And rejoiced at who we never were before

It was pretend that kept us friends

We'd role-play everyday

Our weapons were as fake as 'us'

But we never saw it that way

Into the afternoon, twilight, dusk

Then we'd lay beneath the stars

Still we'd talk about whatever we wanted

Happenings near and far

Never a chance did I do my homework

When our moms call us in

We reluctantly mutter a few goodbyes

Before we'd start playing again

"Hurry up! It's time for bed!"

And we'd quickly remember what

We were supposed to be doing

Before our imaginations took over, and we forgot

I'd wave goodbye and hurry home

Ideas still fresh in my mind

For tomorrow when she stands by the road

I'd be ready for another good time

But not all things last forever

And finally I moved away

From my dear Cassie, my friend forever

I only wished that I could stay


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