Many generations ago, in the deepest jungles of tropical Antarctica, there lived a young monkey by the name of Leumas. Leumas and the other animal children all had to do work around the jungle. It was to benefit the animal community, or so they were told. Most days of the week, the animal children all gathered in the fields, led by one of the older and wiser animals. There, they stayed for the morning and even a few hours into the afternoon, being taught about the ways of the jungle and doing various activities to help them learn.
One day, Leumas the monkey was sitting on the ground, learning about the animal language and of readings and writings. They were being taught by a rabbit named Mizadue, who greatly enjoyed the springtime. Leumas tried very hard to pay attention, or so he told himself, but while he was being taught his mind continuously wandered to other things that he wished to do. Even so, he was still able to hear that, at the end of their meeting time, Mizadue told each animal child to write a story of their own, to be brought in and shared with the others in a fortnight. Leumas carefully noted the assignment in the back of his mind.
"Remember, children.", instructed Mizadue. "You do not want to wait until the last second for this. Start preparing it now, so you will be fully prepared when it is time to share with the others"
A fortnight came and went, and it was the night before he was to bring his story in. Leumas had not started writing it, and he had only just earlier that day begun to think of an idea of what it was to be about. But he was not worried; he wrote a bit of his story down for a few minutes that night, then went to sleep in his favorite tree.
Morning came, and Leumas took his work to breakfast with him. He held a banana in one hand, hung from a tree with a foot, and used his tail to hold a stick of charcoal with which he composed his story. He worked on it while eating breakfast, but he was still not finished even then, so he continued to work when lunchtime came around as well. Finally, at lunchtime, Leumas had completed his story.
Right after lunchtime was when Leumas was to learn about words and languages, and when he was to have his story ready. The first thing they did that day was a test of their vocabulary and sentence skills, to make sure that they were able to speak and write proficiently. Afterward, each animal turned in his or her story, and Mizadue looked at all of them.
"Very good, Leumas.", she said. "I know you must have worked very hard on this story"
"Thank you.", Leumas replied. He had not worked hard on his story at all, yet Mizadue had enjoyed it. Collectively, his work on it had probably been a quarter of an hour or less. That day, Leumas learned that if you manage your time and plan in advance, you may do well; but if you leave everything until the last possible time to get it done, you can spend time how you want to and do well.