Arms interwoven

our deepest desires

served for each other to see

what do you want?

a caring nobody?

a passionate friend?

a simple suspense

with uncut corners?

a blank slate on your arm?

About me?

what possibly blew this question

to your blind, juvenile heart?

I need to swim slowly to sea

next to your comforting presence

I need a steady gale of trust.

What do I want?

a liar.

say that you love me,

say we are forever,

steal my trust and drown it

in the murky depths of an estuary

so I can cry

and ripples of sunlight can come

where my clear tears fell.

When the murk flows away,

I'll be pretty, a misty queen,

an undiscovered series of mysteries,

but as rebellious tadpoles jerk around us,

I don't care, be relieved to have a nobody on your arm,

just be aware,

I am the mystery girl and I will not blossom for you.