Winter Comes
By Lady Glass

Golden hair, soaking up the freeze
The pale face, sinking beneath the ice
Crying out, and I ignored her

The brown lady hid at the top of the stairs
Staring, screaming, silently, impassively
She haunted my mother

And with these, winters and snowfalls, winter comes
Winter comes And with these, winter comes
With these

The pure girl in blue dances, spins

Girl in blue, she's watching you
Woman in brown, she's falling down

The stairs are haunting her
Lady in brown, she's waiting for you

And with these...

Snow is falling
Lady's crying
Ice is breaking
Girl's escaping

Snowflakes lacing the golden hair
She's frozen...she's dying
I laughed, she died
He laughed, you cried

Bring out the girl

Brown lady, hiding at the top of the stairs

And with these, winter comes

Author's Note: A little late in the season and not as good as the rest of my Haunts poems but I wanted to post it anyway.

Much love,
Lady Glass