The Earth's respect

One look around at Mother Earth sure fills me with dismay

For if my ancestors could see what's been done to her, what would they have to say?

We've stripped her down and left her bare, taken much more than we need

The wealth of Earth plundered for the sake of human greed.

And when I see poor Earth abused, used and left to die

Sure, I feel many a tear come rolling from my eye

Surely it's not worth it, all the Mother's hurt and pain

A perfect world that's torn apart for the sake of a moment's gain

So I'll close my eyes and say a prayer to those who went before

Who showed respect for Mother Earth and regarded Her with awe

They took Her gifts, but gave her thanks, they weren't too blind to see

That profit doesn't have much worth; the best in life is free.

There are many who have lived before who'll say we are insane

For what the Mother has to give, She can take it back again

The bounty of the world by our own hands is retreating

Which goes to show, to one and all, that ill-used gifts are fleeting.