Chapter One

The balance must be corrected. Those are the first words I was given to understand. What some humans don't understand is their world is in danger. It always has been. They walk among each other clueless of the true battle going on around them. A balance must be maintained. A balance between good and evil. We have to kept watch over the balance making sure a shift doesn't occur. If a shift in the scales occurs, heaven help us all.

The rain tapped on the window eager to be sheltered from its siblings that follow it down from the sky. It is cold. I can feel its chill through the window. I am just here to do my job and nothing else. I look at him on the bed one last time. Here goes nothing.

"Are you ready?" I ask with my voice riding on silk as it makes it way to his ears.

"Come to daddy.." he answers. His voice makes my skin crawl over its bones.

I glide my way to the bed. He grabs me tight against him and his hands feel their way down my back. I can feel his hands roaming on my skin under the black leather strapless top. He is warm. His breath tastes of tequila as we embrace in our kisses. Some people say that drinking makes you warm. I guess that could be true. After a few moments locked in his embrace, I slowly make my way towards the chair behind me. My hands pick up a black scarf and I walk back towards him.

He knows the drill. He knows what is coming. I position myself in-between his legs and kiss his lips. As we kiss this time, my hands tie the scarf to his right wrist and pull it gently to the bed post. The knot is tight around the post and his wrist. I do the same to his other wrist and his feet. This is how he likes it. Why make him uncomfortable?

He lies in waiting for me to continue. He watches has my long black skirt falls to the ground revealing a tight black lace mini skirt and matching underwear. I watch his reaction on his face as I move my way towards him again. I place my legs on each side of him as I run my hands across his stomach.

"Just one more…" I whisper to him.

He nods and waits for his fulfillment.

The last black scarf is placed to cover his eyes. Mystery causes more of a rush in this game. He is blind to the world around him. He run my fingers over his lips and kiss them gently. Now I am in control.

"You have been bad boy…" I say I remain in my position.

"Yes…." His answer is pleading.

"You have done some bad things…"


"Killed innocent people…"

He seems to choke on his answer this time.

"Murdered lives and destroyed souls…"

I can see the confusing in his eyes through the blindfold. He struggles with no use.

"I know what you did, Gregory… and now it is time to do the same to you."

A gun shot goes silenced. No blood spatter, no scream… just silence and one hole where his heart should be. I am not going to tell you what he did. Somehow it is just to dark to light the truth to you.

Another job complete; another evil gone balance the scales. You'd think I was working for the mafia, but life isn't that simple anymore and neither is death. Unfortunately the scales are becoming more and more uneven as every day dawns. Times are changing for a battle no one will win.

I pick up my clothes and change. The leather top is unnerving to my skin. A black cotton tank top is better and blue jeans. More relaxed and more of a blending style. I take out the contacts that made my eyes look blue. Catching a glimpse in the mirror I wonder if that is really me. That auburn hair, white iris and black pupils, the fair skin… I look like something from a horror movie. I guess that could be true. I kill the evil or good, but yet I have no remorse. Do I have a purpose?

I don't have time to find a deeper meaning of life. Time to go before it finds me. After placing my sunglasses on I head to the window. Still raining, good… I have always liked the rain. I open the latch and climb outside. It is a long way down from this height. Fifteen floors, a bit or trouble. I feel the wind blowing and the rain comforting my face as I fall towards the ground. It is a freeing feeling. Nothing around you, just the air and rain.

The ground is coming up fast. I position my feet for the impact and connect with the ground. People walking and no one sees. A gift I inherited from my job. A van waits not five feet from me. I don't even have to open the door. I can smell the pizza inside.

Within a second I am inside. I turn my head with my sunglasses removed. He jumps from the shock.

"WHOA!" He said jumpy. "You need to stop doing that."

"Doing what?" I say calmly.

"Popping in like that without a sound. At least open the door to give some kind of warning, Oracle." He said. He started the van. His hands were not shaking anymore. But I could still see the shock in his dark eyes.

"Just go Michael." I said putting my sunglasses back on. Looking out the van, rain beading down the window. Almost like tears, sometimes I wish I knew what it was like to cry. Other times crying distracts from the job. It makes you human and you make mistakes.

"Okay…" He said. "There is pizza in the seat behind you if you are…"

"I am not hungry…" I interrupted. I can't look at him. His smile is too much for my mood tonight.

"Yeah, I forget you never eat." Michael said in almost a mumble as he put the van into gear. We drove off smooth towards the main road out of town.

Michael had his own gift which was useful if you needed something fixed or made. He had a way with machinery and computers. He rarely showed his gift during times like this. Sometimes he is the job we do and other times he adds friction to his part.

His dark brown hair and dark eyes seemed to match him somehow. He held his life back from most and his gift. I have known him for the five years I have been doing this. He was always helpful when you needed him and his humanity seemed never ending. I think he expects me to be the same.

We are heading back to Sanctuary. It is not a road I care to take this time.