Chapter Three

I sat in the library reading. Homer's Odyssey seemed to encompass my time here. I was stuck in a constant trial of hopeless acts. I feel like Odysseus. He is incomplete being away from his wife and child in Ithaca. I had something incomplete about my life. But I had no one else to be away from, just a haunting feeling of something more.

It has been a week since the visions first emerged and I have spent every waking moment in the library. It seemed the only place I could be alone. Xeth has been being tested over and over in the labs and training rooms. He has occasionally found me in here and tried to make small talk. Each time I wondered if Dr. Ivory would mind me knocking him against the wall. Jade has been working on the mainframe computer with Michael. They have been working on missions, but none very serious. Just the scouting part is what they have been investigating.

I read pages and pages for hours and hours. Every change in adventure for Odysseus was another I could relate to, but the last was far from me. I wish I would have read something different, but my hands keep finding this book. Dr. Ivory hid this book from me once. I have no idea why, but I found it with little effort. He hid it in a vault among books unmarked and unbound like it was. He took so much effort to hide this book from me and yet I can't imagine why. Odysseus suffers through so much and for what? That is the question that all of us should be asking. The balance puts us all through so much and for what, to be part of the determination of how this world will end.

Each moment passes with an endless impatience. The silence surrounding the room echoes with a haunting stain. Footsteps… trailing down the hallway to the outside of the door. The sound of the footsteps told me exactly who it was. His steps were definite and meditative. It was Michael. I could make out his steps and unique aura through anything. he had his way to make himself unlike anyone else. Jade's steps were cold and almost patient. They were so different that Michael's.

"Oracle?" Michael said from outside the door.

"Yeah." I responded. Why was he looking for me now?

Michael opened the door. He smiled and shut the door. "It is April 11th."

"I know…" I said.

"Well it is nearly afternoon and I have a mission." Michael said. His voice was hinting at something.

"You want to go?" I asked him shutting the book.

He raised his eyes brows.

"You do realize that Ivory will kill you when he finds out." I said with sarcasm in my voice. I didn't care what Ivory said or did. If he laid a finger one Jade or Michael I could easily make him regret breathing. Okay, so I was protective of them… they were the only people I felt comfortable around. They were different from everyone else… like me.

We soon made our way to the van in the parking floor. Michael's mission involves his specialty with technology. It was a hacking job which he was perfect with. And somehow I knew it had to be done at night. It was hours till dusk, but he knew where to go in the mean time.

I opened the passenger side door and there was Xeth.

"Hey Oracle," Xeth said in his chipper voice. His smile was enough to make my stomach churn.

I blinked over to where Michael was getting in. "What the heck is he doing here?" My voice was stern and angered. Imagine that I was pissed off with having the surfer-dude with us.

Michael took a deep breath. "Ivory said I had to take him." He leaned in to me a bit more. "You think I wanted him to come. I have been around him a week and I am about ready to go insane." Michael's eyes were saying everything he wouldn't say aloud. I knew that he didn't want to have Xeth there and we understood each other. Maybe knowing Michael and Jade was making more humane or just more paranoid.

I growled under my breath. It was mumbled enough to be not heard. We needed to get going and me hurting Xeth wasn't part of the plan or was it.

"No!" Michael said as he came closer to me.

"What?" I said. I felt a smile come across my face. I had an idea.

"Your smile is not a good thing." Michael replied. He knew me a little too well.

"It never is." I said blinking over to the passenger side. Xeth had his back to me. Opportunity had made itself known. I reached my arm up and hit his head hard. He fell forward with a grunt and then he was silent.

"ORACLE!" Michael screamed running to the passenger side of the van. "You killed him!" He stopped and looked at his slumped body. I saw his eyes widen. He thought the worse and I didn't blame him.

"Don't worry." I looked at Xeth and then at Michael. "He is just out… give him time and he will be back to his annoying self." I moved Xeth to the backseat and then climbed to the front. Xeth was lying on his back. He looked almost likeable in his silence.

"How can you tell?" Michael said walking back to the driver's side. He seemed questionable about the situation. I guess he did worry because if I had killed him, then Michael would be the one blamed for him.

"Trust me… he is fine. He will wake back up with a headache and that is all." I looked at Michael. He knew I was telling the truth. Xeth wasn't like the people I killed. He was just young and naïve.

Michael started the van and we started off. We had time until Xeth woke up and my bet was that he wasn't going to be happy. Hopefully we could get done with the errand before he woke up.

It seemed like an hour until Michael and I arrived at Elysian Fields. The ground was cold from the moisture in the air, but it was not raining. I could smell the beginning of the rain, but it was hours off. I wanted snow. I wished for it over and over again. Snow would be suitable for the situation. But it wasn't going to snow nor was the rain going to fall in time. He would be here at his usual time and I would watch as always.

Michael stood by my side. A weeping willow was our shelter from his eyes. The man couldn't see us as he walked to the marble tombstone. He laid yellow roses on her grave. He was perfect to her even if she would never know. He stood in his black button-up heavy jacket and whispered in to the wind. His voice was soft and caring. I knew Michael couldn't hear him, but I could as if I was standing next to him.

"I miss you so much every day." The man said. I could see the tear running down his left cheek. "Your father called his morning. He misses you too. He is getting better since his accident." He stood quiet for a moment. His pain could be felt through the air. That sadness that weeps as the wind blows through the ages. It was what the willow feels as it weeps towards the ground.

"I wish you were still here by my side. I wish I could change everything." His words were pleading as if he was begging to a higher power. Almost touching really.

I held my head up and watched. It was humanity at its purest.

"Why do you do this every year?" Michael asked as he watched the man.

I didn't take my eyes off the man as I answered, "I don't know." I felt it was right to be here and yet almost a yearning to see this. "It is humanity at its most honest point. Humans still care for the ones they love, even if something has taken them away."

"But why him?" Michael asked.

I couldn't tell him why. Heck I didn't even know why. It was just one day I had an urge to come here. Sometimes I feel the urge more than once a year. I seem to always know when he is here. "Like gravity." It was the only way to explain it. I guess I was stranger than even I let on.

"You could have given me a warning, Oracle." A voice from the van said.

I looked over to find Xeth rubbing the back of his head. He was awake and I was in trouble. "A warning about what?" My tone was less than thrilled.

Xeth rolled his eyes. I think he is getting the point.

"So what are we doing at the cemetery?" Xeth asked.

Michael looked at me as if he expected me to answer that rather than let him. What was I going to tell him? Xeth knew I was off rotation on mission for the next weeks.

"Checking a link to a future target." What else was I going to say? Michael turned his head and then walked back to the van. I couldn't tell anyone the truth, well besides Michael. Jade didn't even know this habit of mine.

"What is he? A murderer? A cult leader? A bad scout leader?" Xeth questions came shooting from his mouth before I think he had a chance to think. I wanted to back hand him again.

"Time to go!" Michael said sternly. He had amazing timing. "Xeth, it is classified information even from the Society."

"Got it boss. Nothing happened here and I don't know a thing." Xeth answered.

He had no idea how right he was. I could have said something rude. He had very little knowledge of what we really did. He was in training since he came to the Libra Society. None of the training would prepare him for what he was going to have to do. Nothing prepares you to kill people just because of their actions or their mind. Nothing prepares you for the effect it has on you.

I watched the man who was still whispering to the grave. His hair hung just below his ears and swayed in the wind. It was black as the night on a new moon. His eyes were bright blue even from this distance I could see them. I removed my sunglasses from a moment. His face held sorrow that was unimaginable for me. She must have been something to precious to be without. Who was he and who was she?

"Oracle?" Michael said.

I put my sunglasses back on and started to the van. I turned to see him one last time. For a moment our eyes met. I felt something more magnetic than anything. I blinked into the passenger seat. I felt deepness in my lungs and then a release. I took a true breath. Our eyes met for a moment, but he couldn't have seen me. He stood still trying to make out what he saw. What did he see? Did he see me? No human has ever seen me without me choosing them to. Gregory didn't see me until I showed him that I was there. I followed his movements, his patterns of living, and his sexual preferences for a month before showing him who I was.

"Let's go…" my voice trailed off as Michael headed out of the cemetery. We needed to get away before dusk to complete his mission.