Paint her nails with

The lyrics of your

Favorite songs.

Take a sharpie to her

Bones and write

Some life stories.

Glue and glitter

Each tiny vertebrae.

Tar and feather

Her hair.

Glow-in-the-dark eyes

That burn like

Mommy's kisses.

Surgically remove the

Spirit and

Pull the wings off her back.

Rib cage swings like it should.

Tied down you

Can't miss stab

Her in the back.

Sharpen her teeth to

Points her tongue like

Razor b…b…blades.

Hallelujah life support and

A mouthful of blood.

A mouthful of words that

Cross teeth and jump lips.

Teach her not to speak.

Curl her toes and

Break those piano-playing fingers.

Make silence echo in her ears.

Slash her wrists and

Bleed her.

Just one cut to drain her.

She needs no vigilante.

Throw her head first into


No amount of

Vitriol justifies

Mass murder…

Rotting on a floor of murder.

Sprain her ankles smash her

Skull to oblivion as

Visions of

Sad, bloody rain clouds

Dance in her head your

Furious angel…

A beating heart corpse.

May she rest in peace may she

Rest in popularity.

She is the fury.