Acquiring To Release

Sometimes it seems that ever in a mode of Acquiring I am—

Then comes a Time when in a mode of Releasing I find myself.

In that time I find in some respects, myself—

For I find what it is that I have come to place value on—

What it is that memory stirs to the point of inwardly saying,

This I shall keep for it reminds me of a Time…

The memories may not recall the most jubilant of Times—

For oft with memory comes a tug of the heart that gives an ache

Bittersweet the Memories as Time takes Flight.

So here it is as moments that seem to be standing still—

Yet with each click of type on the keyboard—

Vital seconds are here to be no more.

Within reach, Ahh, a warming the cup of Coffee with—

A Raspberry Chocolate flavor mingled in…

A couple of shortbread cookies on the side—

And a cranberry balsam candle all aglow.

A few of my favorite things.

As Time advances I have learned that somehow simple pleasures

Come intertwined, as it were, in a bouquet as it were, of three.

Sometimes it is that after having been in that Acquiring mode

When the things I have come to hold I find I not dearly hold—

I question WHY did I make purchase, Why, what was it that this item meant

For now at a Releasing Time some objects I can not get rid of fast enough

I then am given to think, What a waste of time and money

Time I could have put to better use—

As well as the money saved from unwise Acquisition

So at this Time of Year as Resolutions are being Acquired

My resolution is to stop acquiring things material--

The extra things that is above the what is truly needed--

Too much fluff as it were, I have allowed to build up in my life

The fluff that has not sustenance I now Release…

January 12, 2005