I Used To Hate Valentine's Day

When I was young the day of love

Put me in a horribly sour mood

I had no special sweetheart to call my own

And often I'd have an attitude

The only Valentines I liked were the bloody ones

The idea of the "Massacre" was more along my idea of fun

I wanted to shoot Cupid down

Right between the eyes, or crack his crown

But my malace and angst changed

When I became more mature

I became more able to endure

I figured it's pointless to hate

Though it's a holiday I don't really enjoy

All because I was betrayed at a tender age

By one suave, handsome boy

Those days are over and I'm happier by far

But I never stop reaching for the stars

It doesn't matter I don't have a sweetheart

Because I'm blessed by friends

I don't need someone to feel "whole"

Since friends are loyal 'til the end.

February 1, 2006