Namida no Ato o Naifu de (Tracing the tearstains with a knife)

I neared the trembling form, cautious as a deer

Pale blue eyes gazed up at me, eyes that matched the sky

Everything seemed perfect at that moment, with you enwrapped in my arms

The winter birds sang winter songs as precious, innocent snow fell all around us

The beauty of it all seemed almost too painful for my guilty self to bear

As I watched you die from leaking red wound

I thought of how lucky you were to die in such a beautiful place

Sweetly somber tears met sericeous cheeks

Lightly falling snow met stolid ground

Your transient smile faded away into the abysmal atmosphere around us

I hold your dying body

Enwrapped in my arms

Sweetly somber tears strike my cheeks

As regret runs through my head

I pull the knife from your sleeping form, throwing it away

Lest I fear that I may do such a thing again.