I almost killed the life that you gave me
and threw it out the window
for some stranger to pick up where I left off
and take all the things that make me
feel happy.
But I want you to know, that I'm gonna take it back.
My beauty, my life, my everything.
All the things I gave away, because I thought
I wasn't worth any of them.
And I promise you mommy,
that the smile you once loved so, so much,
will find its way across my
face again.
It might take a little longer than you want it to,
but flowers don't blossom in a day either.
It takes a while for them to see the
sunlight and show their
true beauty.
But when the day comes that I'll blossom
like a flower on a warm summer day,
the dark will have been replaced
for the rays of the sun,
and we'll live together forever,
in the world that you gave me.