Words. God help me I need words!

Invigorate intoxicate, immobilize.

Needing, necessary, nauseous.

Decollete, deprivation, discover.

His orgasms intoxicate and immobilize me within glistening beauty and pain. I am a masterpiece of my own decollete shame, made nauseous by my own body as deprivation and need overtake me.

More words - please more - I'll moan for ever more.

Thievery, texture, territory.

Pocket, plethora, pick.

Chagrin, chronic, comeuppance

This is truly my comeuppance for my own desire. You offerings, a plethora of caring body textures and murmurings into my ear – never enough to quench this chronic need forever left unfulfilled. I am a thief, and you sweet thing, are my prize.

a/n: Congratulations! You made it through the most forced piece of literature ever created. This, the whole thing, is so unlike me, yet it is what I wanted today. Perhaps you will enjoy it. If not, that's fine. I gladly accept flames and criticism.