It was an ordinary town. The fall was turning the leaves shades of red, yellow, and orange. Cars were lined up along streets. People were walking in and out of church. It was a Sunday. Clouds loomed over head. They were dark gray and looked as if they would spill their contents onto me. We were under a tornado watch. I was home alone. Thoughts kept crossing my mind. "What if we get one, what would I do?" I forced the thoughts from my mind.

I kept flipping channels. Weather channel, movie, weather channel, movie. It was as if I was a robot.

It began to rain, the wind picked up. Big water droplets fell to the Earth. It was beautiful. I watched the storm roll in from the window, looking for signs of a tornado. Nope, there wasn't a green sky. Lightning streaked across the sky, thunder boomed.

I remembered stories from my mother from when I was younger. "It's God bowling." I began to smile. Nothing seemed to matter, except the storm. I wanted to dance in it, be soaked from head to toe with water. I was too afraid I would get sick.

The rain began to slow down, sun peaked through the clouds. I wondered if there would be a rainbow. I jumped off the couch and went outside. I was disappointed. There wasn't a rainbow.

More clouds rolled in. The trees glowed against the gray sky. I wanted a camera to capture the beauty, but no such luck. I wouldn't get one until I graduated.

The tornado never came.