January 22, 2008

sol•i•tude \≈\ n. 1. The sensation of being alone esp. when reflecting: as in the sense of lying in bed, staring out a window, watching twilight and shadows. 2. A quality, a state of bliss, a philosophy, the reflection of the moon on still waters. The electric glow of a 60 Watt bulb on the page of a book: the scratch of a pen against a cherished journal/ the scraping of colorful chalk against a quiet sidewalk/ the caress of soft grass against bare calves in the summer/ the muffled sound of an MP3 track through headphones/ the splash of water, coolness against timid toes/ dance party for one at midnight/ clean cotton and a warm winter bed/ drawn curtains and sunshine/ candy-like beads, glimmering, shimmering, dew drops sliding on a string/ peanut butter and jelly plus Cheez-Its and 2 milk/ a steady heart beat/ breathing
Scaffold built on A. Van Jordan's 'afterglow'