The Truth

Some say God, He is confusion
with all we love and feel.
Some say God, He is illusion
to distract us from what's real.
Some say God, He is an essence
all falsehood must impart.
I say God, He is a presence,
and you His only heart.

It's the mind, devoid of darkness,
that never glimpses light.
It's the soul who won't surrender
that never learns to fight.
It's the dreams, secure and stable,
that quiver in the sands.
And the one, so full of knowledge,
who never understands.

When the claims have been exhausted,
and the circumstances cruel,
and you think that He is only
for the child and the fool,
just remember in the silence
far beyond what seems to be,
lies the truth, still patient, waiting,
for the day we finally see...