Once upon a time there was a tall, beautiful, smart teenage girl by the name of Erin. She was perfect. She went to Lourdes and she had a beautiful, perfect, slightly odd friend named Melissa. Everyone else at Lourdes was in a totally different (lower) class altogether.

One day, Erin was sitting in the library and was typing some questions up. She was sitting next to Melissa, who was writing a story about her. Nothing else happened that day, except that Melissa aced her Calculus test.

The next day, a very handsome, intelligent, rich, tall, and dark-haired guy came to Lourdes. He saw Erin and fell madly in love. She saw him and thought he wasn't half-bad either. They went to some random dance, and then they both grew up, got married, bought a big house, had bunches of sweet, cute, and intelligent kids, and lived happily ever after.

Meanwhile, Melissa sat in her underground laboratory, mixing potions and inventing strange and terrible things to rule the world with. Around the time Erin and Mr. Perfect got married, Melissa attacked the world! Then the men in white coats came and took her away. She also met a strange but cute guy in the funny place, they got married, and lived happily ever after in their adjacent padded rooms.