Everything is wet; damp with depression, soaked with sorrow. Everything about her is broken, including her precious heart. Her blonde hair lays flat and dull in clumps clinging to her head. The rain pounded down, and her shoulders slumped, her waterproof mascara ran. Everything about her was falling too pieces. Boy, it's all because of you.

I'm sure you yourself can't believe you're still walking away, well she's standing here on this dock, just staring. She's frozen in the past and doesn't want to become part of the future; her futures going to be a nightmare. Her futures tragic, if only she could just stay here, in between the could have been and the had been, where it could go either way. If she could only stay here and soak in the rain for a few hours longer, she thinks maybe you'll come back.

So here she stands boy, don't give yourself away. Don't ever let her know that you ever felt a little more than lust for her, make it your dirty little secret that your heart is broken because you broke hers. Tell absolutely no one she left footsteps on your heart; don't tell her that for years you sat on your roof wishing on stars. Don't give yourself away.

Another broken heart, another ignored love. She is breaking down, in seconds she'll shatter. You'll hear the crash, but you'll pull away. You're left weak, you've pushed yourself as hard as you can, and now you've left a shadow on love. You've destroyed two lives, life's nothing without love, and you had true love. You lost control; it was either her or your reputation. And of course your precious reputationwon, according too it you don't get attached to girls, especially girls like her. She's right in front of you, and you're turning away.

Oh she hurts, she's waiting and will be for sometime. The book is still open, one last chance to make things right boy. She tears up, and you can feel it. In your heart. So she waits. You're just going to keep walking by, open up your eyes. She's the best you'll ever find. Her arms across her chest, crossed protectively, she doesn't want this too happen again, her small eyes; puddles. And your really going too this, let it all go. You've tuned out the fact that she's crying, and down on her knees, she's never been hurt this bad.

So here she stands boy, don't give yourself away. Let the fact that she was that someone for you haunt you in later years, keep up with that charm and maybe if your lucky you won't cry yourself to sleep in coming nights. Just maybe though, don't worry boy, what you've done will hit you in a few days, and see she'll have given up by then... not moved on, but given up. Don't give yourself away.

Turning the corner and you can't see her anymore, put up your hood and pretend. That's the way too go, just play pretend you don't know she's still back their in the fog, waiting for something that will never come. Go sit under that awning, lay your head in your hands and don't think. You really haven't been very fond of thought lately. As your hiding from life, she's facing it head on. She's stronger then you.

Don't you realize you've destroyed her? Don't you realize she was innocent? She didn't deserve this. From this day on she's never letting someone in her life she can't walk out on in ten seconds flat, she'll never love again, she's putting up a shield. Why let someone else leave a stain on her heart?

She's empty now; she has cried one last tear and its time to get on with things. To go clean up the mess you left behind. Tonight she'll be up for hours trying to pinpoint each and every mistake she made. And she won't find any, everything about you two was wonderful, sure things went wrong every once in a while but you fixed them together. Now her hearts empty, and she's loosing her grip, but she'll pull herself together eventually. Neither of you will ever stop caring, you'll be the best liar in history and she'll be the biggest regret.

So there she goes boy, don't give yourself away. Soon enough you'll figure out how lost you are without her. But she'll keep right on walking by. You'll feel rejected and hurt and will be more messed up than ever. She's your biggest mistake ands your biggest regret. Wishing on stars isn't going to send her crawling back to you. You lost her boy, I know… it just hurts so badly. Never in a million years did you think that you'd ever care about her and even worse, that she'd be left a memory flowing through the cracks of your heart. You tried, you failed, and you lost. Keep it a secret though, shhh. Don't tell anyone other then the stars. Don't give yourself away.