The girl-child sat there, lost in a mixture of her own thoughts and thoughtlessness. She was a slave to the constant whirling of her own mind, and wouldn't have wished it any other way. Her mind was her refuge and strength, her only asset. Constantly, she thought about being attacked or fought, and she knew her mind would be her only true weapon. And yet sometimes, she wished she could turn her mind off, if only for a few spare moments.

What an odd thought, to want to turn your brain off. Thoughts come from the brain, so really, my brain is wanting to shut itself off.

This desire to turn her mind off had only been growing. She had come here and she had met him. He made her happy, he gave her pleasure, he gave her love in all of its forms. And yet, for her constant, patrolling, spinning mind, this was not enough. When he made her happy, her mind would repeat to itself the futility of it all for it was certain he would leave her sad and alone. When he gave her pleasure, her mind would be in constant fear of being found out, destroying the experience. When he told her of his love for her, her mind would be unwilling to believe him, trusting only lies, and ignoring the boy's eyes and the truth pouring from his soul.

I ask myself…is this love? Will my turning mind twist my heart? I must learn to control my mind before I lose my boy, my love, my everything. There is only so long the heart can fight back against the mind before all is lost.

-The girl-child sat there, lost in the battle between her mind and her heart-