A/N: In Eng Lang/Comp AP, we've been reading The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald. We read two poems that were also written in the 1920s describing how it used to be before the stock market crashed. For an assignment, we had to either write a journal-like essay or a poem along the same lines – happy in remembrance of the past but a hint of sadness just the same. This is my project. Please leave constructive criticisms! –Damaged—

Golden Illusions

Our days were golden fields
We ran through them all day
The sun never set nor wavered
We'd count the clouds as we'd lay

Upon our backs, we saw eternity
We smiled and laughed all the while
But the magic spell was broken
As pain and mortality swallowed your smile

Machines controlled your life
Our golden fields were sold
Our endless days turned to night
We shivered as it became so cold

You escaped the terrible curse
As you closed your eyes forever
Will I forget our sweet illusions shared?
My answer remains, "Never!"

Note: The subject of this poem is my late grandfather. I love you, Gramps!