so, i had a dream that i was in a plane that was plummeting out of the sky. be grateful i cut out the cameo from chuck palahniuk.

plane crash dream.

i hear His voice in my ear,
telling me to jump out
the window of fire.
there are a hundred
moaning voices at my back, pushing,
like cattle, as the ground roars
up at us with its arms wide open like a

gravity grabs ahold,
twisting, turning, contorting,
and then you're laying in the snow,
cradled in an explosion and a snap of light.
chilled winter whistling through the trees,
fingers of cold touching your cheek.

a hundred screams, and no bodies to
account for them. a hundred screams
growing fainter as time and Dark advance,
howl of evil winter wind ratcheting to cover
up the missing bodies, and
Dark drags its shroud over your eyes,
the last thing you see a million tiny
writhing stars, falling down from the sky
like streetlights shot out.