Rants of a Wise Man


Camaraderie and distant cheer

Red and green and smiles serene

Only come one time a year

Caroling on Christmas Eve

the streets...echoing, echoing

Going in circles around the tree

Rows upon rows of lights to see

Never-ending, always winding

Around and around and

it should have not been so

Saint Nicholas with Eve's apple

Ready to light the tree afire--never

snub Tradition in front of

reindeer without planning to be

Trampled like she warned you

With that smug smile when

Your purple eye decoration

Appeared with splendid poise

And that's all you came

Prepared to dish out

In Retaliation for forgotten crimes

Of tramping through neglected

Prayers, forgive, forgive us

Our trespasses and we will

Forgive, give the true spirit

Of Christmas like a delirious disease

Eat, drink, be merry, and listen to Solomon rant