Title: When Light Fades Away

Author: Kowski

Rating: T

Disclaimer: None really…Court of Fools belongs to Niph and I.

Summary: Can someone who is so heartless be so kind? Draven/Oliver

"If I become dirty I'm afraid you might become dirty too.
Because you'll try to follow me, like you always do."

--The Trax "Over the Rainbow"

All things must come to an end. That is a simple, yet harsh reality. Even in a world such as this. And I am the bringer of that end, a cruel collector of souls. But I did not ask for such a title, I did not ask to bring the final pain onto each and every being. Though, I find most to be the same, each begging for life again, each desperate for a second chance. Every soul I reap begs me for mercy, a mercy that I simply cannot give. I am called heartless, I am told I don't have a soul, I am told I possess no compassion.

If he only knew…

"So tell me, then…how is it?" I ask him, moving closer to see his face.

He looked up with empty eyes and a blank expression. I had found him sitting in the fields just beyond the palace, his home. His hat hung loosely from his head, and his hair hung in his face. I could not care.

"You know what you have to do. Just do it." he muttered, words cold against his soft lips. Those kind of words did not belong there. But he was right, and why am I hesitating? Because of those encounters…those conversations we had. What was it he said…connection? I would not care.

"Ah, so you know. And I can not care…" I whispered, my wings stretching out and creating a deep shadow over both of us. His eyes glowed bright, fear, perhaps, serenity, maybe. As I reached down to graze his face with my hand, he gasped. His skin was soft, fragile, how one would expect him to feel. It was when I brought my face level with his that I noticed the sheen in his eyes. He has already lost his soul. I kept my eyes on his, swimming in his calmness, my lips brushed his.

"Draven…" he whispered. I did not allow him his chance to beg. I covered his mouth with my own, feeling him, his thoughts and his lost soul becoming my own.

He then became limp in my arms, and it was done.

I will not care…