What is our lives
It is as a vapour
We come into this Life
We are here Moments as it were in passing
Then Vanished as it were into Thin Air

What is our lives
It is as vapour, as breath breathed into a balloon
A White balloon with a String attached
A child was hanging on
Laughing and enjoying life and
Then poof!
It got away and soar it did
Way way up high and higher yet
My eyes they blinked a couple of times and
No balloon could be found
It's days of soaring over
As a leafed out branch of a tree held it secure
Then I blinked a couple more times and
What did I venture to behold but
On wings of flight a white dove soaring
No strings to hold it bound
Spirit says, be released
Be set free to soar above the noisy crowds

What is our Lives
We hold so securely the string
Desperately at times even to tying in onto wrists
A tug we feel at the other end
Where a balloon seeks ever to be free
To soar a way up yonder higher yet

What is our Lives
Perhaps having ears and hearing not
Perhaps having eyes and seeing not
Yet still KNOWing the Presence that can be felt
For the air is stirred and
What can be felt is the brush of Angel Wings

What is our Lives
Artificially contrived and sought for, longed after
Like the white balloon or
One with all of Creation
Recognizing the Creator Divine
No strings tied, rather going with the flow

Sometimes so misdirected
For the tugging of the string is
Rather thought to be life giving and sustaining
Just keep on delving knowing that a Life to be had
Is one not artificial or with strings attached

Set my Spirit Free
To be liken unto Doves that doth soar
Not held to ways that seemeth right
Tied to manmade contrived ways of doing
That constricts and to life's valley's one is kept

This is some free thot prose written almost a year and a half ago... Seems almost yesterday I wrote this writing as my thots turn to the balloon white...can't quite explain it but now that balloon so white in my mind's eye is now color red... It is as though Life A New has been breathed forth and a red with Life vitality flows forth. The dove, it's wing's tips tinted red much liken as onto a White Seagull with wings tipped in color black... Love them seagulls, the doves of the waters great!