I know they don't like me. They don't really like any of us. But they -those betters, those creeps up there- they seem to have a particular hatred saved only for me. How thoughtful… In their mind, I am the evilest of evil, because I dared to live. Oops. Damn, next time I'll be sure to die early on. For right now though, I figure that since they're already pissed off, it couldn't hurt to live a little longer. I kind of like living. I've heard it's good for your health.

I also like the little group of friends I have here, though I do wish we'd met under different circumstances. Fighting for your life is just a tad stressful and tends to bring out the grumpy side of me. I suppose it also forces me to be more…tolerant of people who would normally be to awful to deal with. Jacob, for instance. He has a tendency to refer to me (and the other girls) as "WOMAN!" He makes me so mad, but I need him. We all need him. He's the strongest slab of human I've ever seen, and strength is a necessity in this 'game.'

Of course, there are some of us who are annoying but just killing off people because we haven't discovered a decent use for them isn't really the way we roll. Take Jasmine for example. What a pretty little thing. All curvy and beautiful, a perfect face with perfect skin and perfect curves. Her clothes are never dirty or torn, and if they are, they still make her look good. The guys are always all over her. I'll admit it, I'm jealous. I can't boast any of that. My clothes are dirty and torn and my face is tired and my body is worn to the point of existing. Sometimes I wonder how pathetic I am for worrying about my looks when what I should really be worrying about is whether or not I'm going to survive the next hour. But then my mind goes back to disliking Jasmine, and all my reasoning is gone.


Sometimes I wonder why they -those betters in the sky- hate me so much. I mean, I know full well I wasn't actually supposed to survive that first task, but can they really blame me for trying? For not laying down and going "Okay, just let me die!" all cheerful and smiling? Apparently they can. Well excuse me for not wanting to die yet. Other than the first task though, now that we all have each other, there's been a consistent chance that I will survive. That all of us will survive. If one of us can finish a task, then that person can help the rest of us do it too. It makes sense.

We work together through necessity; I'm sure they understand that. They know all about our backgrounds, our strengths and our weaknesses. So why not expect us to join with others who can fill in our weak spots with their strength? If they want to play with our lives, then I think it's more than fair that we play with their purses. Jerks.


The worst was last week. Or, I think it was last week. Maybe it was only yesterday, or maybe it was last month. Time is so hard to keep track of here…but I digress. Last week, they decided to play on our fears. All we had to do was survive a certain amount of time. This doesn't sound so bad given my fear: death. I mean, the dead things couldn't really hurt me or anything. But still…

The bastards stuck me in a morgue. A freaking morgue! I cannot explain to you the terror that filled me; I couldn't breath, I couldn't move, I couldn't scream. My body froze, and stayed that way for the next three hours. That's how long Tyrone said the level was. Tyrone's room was filled with clocks…

I talked to the others afterwards and convinced myself that mine was the worst, which I now see was silly and stupid and haughty of me. Tyrone's fear of clocks is probably just as strong and terrifying as my fear of death. Never-the-less, I felt I had been dealt a bad hand; to me, the morgue was the worst thing those betters could have put me.

Only then Jasmine came back. I have to admit, an evil, rough part of me was pleased to see the way she came back. Her face was tear streaked, her clothes bloody and torn, her body ragged. Later, the guilt would over-whelm me as I helped her undress, washed her in the river, and cleaned her cuts. I would give her my own shirt and pants in replacement, despite my insecurities. She would cry on my shoulder and spend the night curled up in my arms like a small child.

Jasmine had been repeatedly raped.


Part of me is extremely curious about what he told you. I assume you know who I'm talking about when I say 'he,' but if not, then maybe I got to you first. That would be a nice change…Anyway, the guy I'm talking about is the lead better. He owns this game, this world, everything. Theoretically, he owns me, but if I can survive this game, I have my freedom.

I like to pretend I'm not really his property. It makes me feel more powerful.


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