Don't worry my friends

Dedicated to all of my friends whom I love so much (especially Kevin and Chris

Do not worry about me my friends

For I am fine in all ways to all ends

I only hope that you will be all right

And that all your sorrows are forgotten tonight

I hope and pray with all my heart

That all your problems will fall apart

I know that you pray for me

Hear my plea

Stop this minute, and concentrate on you

And let me help you get through

Don't worry about me because I am fine

It is your turn to shine

You all helped me oh so much along my way

And I am going to keep my words to Him at bay

I shall help you as you helped me

Don't you see?

I just want to be your mini-savior

Because I owe you that favor

You helped me so much I cry for you to be happy

So I am going to get a bit sappy

I love you all so much

I never want to lose your clutch

I love you more than I could ever enlighten

And I hope that our friendships will tighten

Never forget though that I am here for you

I am here when you are; happy, sad, angry, confused, or blue

I am here for anything you need

I am here to help you succeed

Never forget when you are feeling lonesome

That I love you with all my heart and thank your more and more for what I've become

Because you are the ones who brought me to be me

You helped me become all that I could be

And now it is my turn

To give you all my concern

My hopes and prayers are towards you

To help you get over the things you need to get through