An angel fell from heaven and broke her spine. One of her wings was severed off so she couldn't fly back to heaven, and it she hit the ground too hard. She was unable to stop herself. Her other wing was tattered, speckled with blood, and still giving her the half-life of a difference between being and angel and a being a human. She was torn between the two, and unable to move from where she lay upon the earth.

The ground beneath her was rocky, and in the distance her tear-filled eyes met the sight of a hill, covered in sunshine beating down upon the warm grass speckled with dew. She wished the blood on her wing was speckled with dew and not blood, and she startled herself. She'd never had the power to wish things for herself before.

With the power to wish came the power to feel disappointment. It was an unexpected side-effect, and she felt it automatically. Tears rolled down her cheeks. With disappointment and tears came the power to feel pain. She was in pain and so she felt disappointment. So, she cried tears of pain that mingled with her tears of disappointment.

From the sky fell two vials and they fell directly before the treacherous angel. She was still a creature of God whether she was a creature for God or not. She reached out, but she could only reach one of the vials. Upon it was the reflection of her weeping eyes, and it made her cry because she felt her beauty was lost thanks to the distortion of the vials. She felt vanity, and with vanity came materialism. With materialism came her emptiness. She wept tears of emptiness that mingled with her tears of pain and disappointment.

Her fingers tightened around the vial, and her fingers found the entrance in the top, dipping in to feel something within the vial. She ducked her finger into the vial and pulled free a little note, holding it out and telling her tears fall free of her as she read the note that was in the language only angels and God knew.


Inside this vial that holds your sorrow there are two special tablets for you. They will remove the pain you feel for just the earth's time of one hour each. Use them wisely, as you will live forever."

With vanity and materialism was speed. She wanted the pain to cease now. Now was what was important. She had a whole lifetime ahead of her to worry over her pain. Ari'el did not wish to worry now. She dug her finger into the vial and pulled out both of the tablets, swallowing them greedily.

With the loss of pain came a sense of calmness and her wit returned to her as she remembered the other vial. In that calmness, she felt a smile stretch across her face and her tears ceased. She saw the vial and reached out towards it. Her fingers licked the cold metal and she could see the reflection of her smile in the vial.

Ari'el tried to pull forwards and grasp the vial, but the weight of her shattered wing was to great behind her back, and the limpness of her legs dulled her further. She tried to lift her wing and fly, but she remembered that she could not fly.

She could not move and reach the vial that held her smile across it, and so she cried again, staring at the vial that had removed her pain and the note that had fallen in front of her.

The words faded from it, and new ones replaced it.

"Welcome to eternity of being just another shattered creature of the earth."