Ok this story is a little….ahh.. Strange ….read it if you want to.

Pro: Blue Hell

The car came to a complete stop and the radio was turned off. "Are you going to be ok?" my mother asks. I start to stair at my gloved hands and sigh. The gloves were grey with small blue thread holding together the weaker parts. "I'll be fine.. It can't be that much different than Florida…" I replied.

I opened the car door and was assaulted with a rush of cold, icy wind. I stepped out of the car and almost fell on a patch of what they call 'black ice'. I could feel my mother's eyes on me so I quickly walked away from the car, while trying not to fall. I looked up at the school's sign, 'Hamden High School', and sighed. So this was my new hell. I heard the horn beep and turned around. "If you need anything sweetie just give me a call, ok, have fun!" she yelled from the car window.

I looked away and tried to pretend that I didn't know her. A group of guys, who were out smoking, were laughing me. I thought I heard someone say 'sweetie' before they erupted in laughter. Heat burned my face and suddenly my gloves became very popular. My watch held the same time as the last time I had checked it. I figured it was too early to inside but it was so cold out I wasn't sure how long I would be able to stay there.

I had been wrong, of course, Connecticut was nothing like Florida. Not the people, the buildings or the weather. I wrapped my arms around my waist until I had stopped shivering so bad. I was sure that at any moment it would start to snow. It was definitely cold enough for it. The sky was a dark grey, and the sun could not bee seen, like some volcano had been spilling its ash into the sky. My watch beeped to tell me that it was now 7:00 and time to get my classes….it started snowing as I walked into the building. It was the first of many storms I would experience in this new, gloomy state.