Chapter 1

"The Things You See Aren't Always What You See"

I officially hate my parents. This is all their fault! They were the ones who decided that the sunny climate of the south was too sunny and moved us to the ice burg state! Ok . . . maybe I am overreacting. maybe the next day will be better... .First let's get a small summary of all the crap that happened to me:

-I couldn't find the office and no one would tell me where it was.

-I got lost (the building is so confusing!) and was late to all of my classes.

-Got yelled at by Mr. Cravers for not knowing any of the answers to his questions.

-Sat alone at lunch (I don't really fit into any of the social groups)

-AND I missed my bus.

This is why I am currently sitting outside of the school, freezing, and waiting for my dad to come pick me up...In about 15 mm... (by then I think I will have frozen to death)

I didn't think that my day could get any worse, but that was before I met Diana Lorense.

She was one of the things that I dislike most, she was a prep. Now normally I am not bothered by any of the other social groups but with preps.. I just can't stand them! My parents could never figure out why (my mom resents me for it) but that's because they don't know what happened, but than again nobody knows...

The prep strides up to me with her chest sticking out, her hand pushing a lock of hair out of her pale face. "Just what do you think you're doing?" she asks white frowning. "I'm standing here, what else does it look like to you?" I give here a question back. She sighs

and puts her hand on her hip. "Oh, you must be new, you see trash like you and your chunky self should be at the side of the road, not with people like me." She replies snootily. Her comment does hurt, but as I have learned from experience, you can never show them they hurt you. You can NEVER cry or show fear.

So I reply "So what are you doing standing up here with me than? I think your friends are looking for you" I point to a few ragged looking people waiting at the light. I said it with a smile. She looked horrified that I would actually talk to her that way. She huffed and walked away. 'Great' I thought to myself, I have another enemy. Joy! Me1 ,PrepsO. My day wasn't all that bad after that...

After my dad had finally picked me up and found out what had happened during my day, he decided we should go to the local Supper Market I Stop & Shop J and buy something for dinner. We split up when we got inside, you know to make things go faster. I wandered down to the bakery section which was next to the frozen foods. I watched as freshly baked breads and cakes were loaded into boxes and put onto the counter, the smell was delicious. While my mind wandered to school my feet took me over to the frozen section, where I encountered Tammie, who I later found out, was Diana's best friend. Tammie looked at me sourly as she talked on her pink (yuck) cell phone. "I guess word has already gotten around." I mumbled quietly to myself, stopping before a small pizza section. "Does she have long black hair, kind of fat?" I clenched my jaw. "Than this is the girl, we'll just have to teach her a few lessons than wont we?" She said loud enough for me to hear (not that I couldn't hear her before, her voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me.) I tried to ignore the rest of her conversation and picked out a pizza. I walked out of the frozen section as fast as I could, without looking like I was trying to. I was halfway to the soda isle before I realized that she was following me.

I felt my fingers twitch and had to force myself not to make a fist, but I was sure to others that I looked tense. "-Yeah she waddles like a penguin-" I almost turned around and hit her, but instead I put on a smile. It was one of my defenses. In situation that I can't control, such as my parents telling me we were moving, I put on a smile, one that I could hide behind; the one you need to watch out for when I'm angry, when I smile then, my old friends say I look creepy.

I turned and walked into the soda isle with preppy bitch still following. It was really trying my patience, but a least I don't have to spend all day with her. She was in none of my classes, I would have noticed her, and I hope she didn't live near me. I sighed and decided to just pick out a random drink just so I could go. But as I was reaching for the soda (grape) I heard another one of her little comments. ("-I'll bet her mother is the fat one, but you never know. They say that daughters look morel like their fathers-") Now normally I wouldn't care about a comment on my mom, but seeing as how they had said something about my dad...I guess I decided to let go a little and tell her what I thought.

"Listen you little demented Barbie, if you're going to insult me than do it right! I don't even like my mom so comments about her wont even bother me! Now why don't you go back to the salon because your hair is hideous!" I growled out. The look on her face however, melted away any residual anger I had left at the moment. I smiled and started to walk away, but not forgetting to get my soda first. (Little did I know, someone had been watching the entire exchange.)

The rest of the night had been uneventful. It was my dad and I watching movies and eating dinner. My mom would be at work until eleven so I would go to bed at quarter till. I was in a good mood and didn't want to spoil it by seeing her, we ALWAYS get into

Fights, But that's just the surface stuff. There were even darker secrets that we shared that even my father didn't know about...secrets… that made me hate her.

The next day my father woke me up around five so that we could get an early start. He needed to go check out a job ad and I needed to get breakfast and go to school. My mom already had a job, she was the reason we had left…

Her company was closing the Florida branch and the only other branch available was the ct one... So all the higher ups (my mom) were shipped off to Connecticut, or fired. I being sixteen and having only a few close friends took this news in stride...until I got to my room. My father had to quit his job and we moved to ct., where we took over my elderly grandmother's house. It had become too big for her. It was a three bed, two baths, with a spacious living room + dining room. A medium sized kitchen, and a basement + attic. It also had a Mother-In-Law Apartment attached to it. It was basically a separate apartment attached to the house. The "MILA" was recent addition to the house...well as recent as ten years ago that is. It was the first real house I had ever lived in. In Florida we always lived in an apartment in this place called 'The Royal Greens'. But nothing compared

to this house, and the cold feeling as I stepped onto the chilled hard wood floors (real wood!) I moved quickly to the bath room that was across from my room. (If you want to see the floor plan for this house go to my profile and ill post it at the verry bottom, just before my fiction starts, it is actually a floor plan of my house in ct!)

The house itself was kind of old, built in the seventies I guess, but I don't know for sure. After I washed up and dressed, I look at myself in the mirror. I look like a zombie. I guess I need to get used to getting up earlier, at least until I can drive…. 1 only have my permit and my parents won't let me drive with it, never mind that I don't have a car or the money for one. I pick up my black eyeliner and begin to apply it when my dog nudges the bathroom door open and barks at me. He is a German dog, fitting I guess since half of

my family is German and the other Irish/Indian. Rocky, a daschund, or hotdog dog. He is black with brown and silver-grey patches on him. He even has natural black nails and is only a year old. I tell him to be quiet and bend down to pick him up and he tries to

lick me. He doesn't stop trying even when I am holding him. I quietly carry him to my room and put him on my bed. He whines when I leave, but stays on my bed and curls up. I shake my head and finish up in the bathroom before I gather my things and wait in the living room.

My dad walks down the hall ten mm. later and says we can leave. I forget my jacket in the house so I was cold until we got to Dunkin' Donuts. I got coffee and a donut to go. He drops me off at school around 6:45. I decide to head into the building to eat instead of

freezing my ass off outside. I climb the stairs in the middle of the lobby to get to the third floor, where my first pd. class was. Mrs. Hawthorne was my algebra teacher, was sitting at her desk writing her lesson plan. I could never pass it so I took geometry last

year in Florida leaving algebra 2 for senior year... I walked in and took my seat in the back row and basically relaxed until the final bell ant 7:30.

Half of the people were late.. Class was boring until about halfway through when a paper ball hit my ear. I forced myself not to look around, so I casually opened the ball. 'FAT BITCH' was written on the inside in big sloppy lettering. I kept my face neutral and shrugged my shoulders, and accidentally knocked the paper ball on the floor. I heard someone laugh on the far side of the room and figured it had been them who threw it. I couldn't concentrate on my work for the rest of the period. Second period I had gym, and In Connecticut it is required that you take swimming and ice skating to graduate. Me, being a senior from Florida, thought that was fucked up. So I just sat in the mini bleachers by the pool.

The room itself was hot, humid and smelly. The smell alone burned your nostrils. The teacher said the pool didn't have chlorine in it but a similar substance, I think he called it "bomine" but I have no idea how to spell that... I think I am allergic to it, yesterday I had

stuck my hand into the pool and five minutes after I took it out my hand and arm got red and itched. . . but I couldn't prove it. I guess I will just get zeros for the rest of the year for this class. The teacher was an old graying man, maybe in his late 50's or early 60's. At least that's how he looked to me. He was sort of nice if you did what he asked, but if you didn't dress out he would just annoy the hell out of you. But there was no way in hell I was getting in that pool with the way that my body looked. I did nothing all period, and when the bell rang the class was late; they hadn't even gotten out of the pool yet. There was no way that they would get to class on time; I would however, because I wasn't in the pool. On my long trek to my class I was pushed in the hallway and was called some things that I thought were kind of creative. I also ran into Diana Diablo again. She tried to say something snobby but I just ignored her, which seemed to piss her off even more, I figured that I had done my good deed for the day.

Third period1 had English, we were reading some BS book, I can't even remember the title. I fell asleep until the bell for lunch rang. Yup you guessed it I have lunch fourth period. The room had these bight white lights. I don't think I'll ever eat here; this is just another one of my sleeping periods. However, I had failed to notice that 'Diana' was in my lunch too. I had just set my stuff down on an empty table when I heard her voice. I groaned and sat down already knowing that she had seen me. I could just imagine her telling her lackeys to make my life hell, and they would do that too. But I would get back at them... it would just take me a while. Lunch was filled with hits and near misses of flying food and paper. Nothing too bad, it just meant that I couldn't sleep. Thankfully

'Diablo' and her friends weren't near me when the bell rang, I might have hurt them. I had biology next, it was 5th period!

It was ok, except that my lab partner wouldn't shut up! And we have a lab report due on Monday... damn... class ended with me saying 'thank god' and wondering if I duck taped her mouth shut, would anyone notice? I was rudely shoved into a locker on my way to Sixth period which is Italian with Mrs. R. The locker sliced my arm and left a nasty red welt. The teacher asked if I wanted to go to the clinic. I told her it would not be necessary since it was not bleeding. Italian is boring. . . I'm not even sure why I decided to take this I can't even tell what she is saying… I guess I should have paid more attention at my old school. From what I did understand though, is that we have a project due in two days. Something about the weather… I think.

AN: ok sorry it took me sooo long to get the first chapter of this fic up, my life has just been so hectic lately, with finishing high school and my parents bugging me about what I'm going to do with my life… and the fact that I just found the first chapter for the first time in like 3 years… oops.. I don't know when the next chapter will be out, but I promise you that it wont take 3 years this time! Maybe only two…. ;)