If I Had Only

If I had only told you

Before many months had passed

You may have been more forgiving,

I wouldn't feel so depressed.

If I had only said

"Please be forever mine."

Before it all ended

You wouldn't feel so far away;

I'd still have time

If I had only expressed

How much I wanted you to be friends

All is almost lost,

I must make amends.

If I had only listened

To what they told me

I wouldn't have this problem,

My mind would be free.

If I had only stayed

Behind to watch and live

I'd know you had so

Much more than taunts to give.

If I had only looked

At the sorrow and hurt in your eye

I would have realized how much

You need a shoulder on which to cry.

If I had only seen

Into the days ahead

I could have seen you

And spared the long hours sobbing on a bed

If I had only known

How painful this lie would be

I would have told you

And then we could all see

If I had only never

Met you, my life would be at peace;

All would be dull,

But the pain would cease.

If I had only done

What my heart told me to do

I would be nearer

To the dear face of you.