And the Red Night was upon us

And the Red Night was upon us

And I had failed to stop it.

The Red Night will consume us

And I was the one who didn't stop it.

I was supposed to be the one

But they got the wrong girl

To be the person who would've won

Instead, I put the world in eternal peril.

I will never see the sky blue

Or ever hear the birds sing

What was I supposed to do?

No one told me I'd do the wrong thing.

Now I've failed the world

Because I didn't find the key

Now I've doomed the world.

There's red everywhere you see.

The is no one to undo this

I was the last hope to set us free.

But I was the one who missed

Now they'll be mad at me.

As I stare into the sky, I know I was wrong

The night is warm for November, but I know what's going on.

The world is coming down, I knew it all along.

And even though the sky is the deepest blood-red, I know not all hope is gone.