the camera lay inanimate

under her restless right hand

the button snapped

and a thinning waistline

was captured by an overexcited flash.


her sickness has become

an adventure and her mouth

knows the new taste of nothing.


there is nothing left of her

will to survive

her energy is spent on

eyes staying open and lips

staying shut.


perhaps something will catch

her up on fluttery wings

and fly away to the sparkling ocean

but for now she surrounds

herself with daytime television

and the light bulb inside the camera.


her thinning stomach convulses

as she dry retches over the toilet bowl

and no one hears her sob

in frustration that she doesn't

need to feel better about her body.


she was happy with 120 pounds

and now an inverse of insomnia

has left her with no appetite

and no hope of fitting into jeans.