i feel the words
settle into my skin

to be turned into
some kind of poetic dance
of tongue in cheek
and heart in hand

but no matter
how i toss them
they just don't come out right.

slanted to the side
ready to collapse
(into eraser dust.)

in the end
they're just words
ones you'll never see
or understand

(please don't pretend you do
that would just break me in two.)

and i guess
it's just a waste of time
to try to describe the way
i feel about you

(and how much you're
killing me right now.)

making me want to
cut away all the pain
and start anew.

awake and bleeding
blood red tears
all i can see now is
consuming me and
burning the air around me
while i choke on all your lies.
(broken promise
rings rammed down
my throat.)

but it's
so hard to forget
such a large piece of yourself
if there's no one else
to turn to.

and even the stars
look too far to wish on tonight
even the ones that
glow green in the dark

and i guess discovering that
is scarier then dying

but being alive
and having no one to catch you.