Satire Cartoons: Freedom of Speech?

- - -

I know that in the last poem I wrote about Muslims, I was apologizing to anyone I offended, but for this, I refuse to apologize...and if it means losing reviewers, then who cares? People claim they have freedom of speech, well, so do I.

- - -

You all ask us why we're so defensive,

Why it's Muslims, who make such a big deal,

Why all of them seem to act so protective,

Why they are the ones who can't understand what you feel.

Well, I'll tell you why, it's because of you people,

Who provoke and abuse and misuse their rights,

I'm a British citizen and I know about freedom of speech,

But some people just take it up to such heights.

For example, this business on cartoons about The Prophet,

I can take swears and abuse but this is just unbelievable,

What on Earth did he (The Prophet) say to you for you to do this?

For the Muslims, it's disappointing and just so unperceivable.

Let me make it clear once and for all,

We can take prejudice but this can't be explained,

I'm 14, a little naive, but even so I can't understand,

What on Earth it is you want or what can be ordained.

I'm disgusted and disappointed and most of all afraid,

Because, being a Muslim, I know what people are feeling,

These marches and threats will keep on continuing,

Until each action, each word, each intention loses its' meaning.

What is wrong with the media, especially in France?

Can't you see that by republishing, you're making matters worse?

Okay, some people are sticking up for us but even so,

It's like everything happening was already rehearsed.

And what do the statistics say in the UK?

Should the cartoons be published over here too?

The results are discouraging, as 75 say,

That yes, they should show the opinions that are true.

Only 25 say no, they should not,

Why is it that the 75 think that it's a good idea?

Because 'freedom of speech' must be recognized,

But all this will do is provoke much more fear.

Okay, sometimes certain Muslims do say wrong things,

Like use bits of the Koran and manipulate it,

Or claim certain things without real evidence,

They are in the wrong to go and gesticulate it.

But there is no denying, that these cartoons are an abuse,

Of the rights of a person of 'freedom of speech',

Sure, you can give your opinion but not to provoke,

The people of other cultures and traditions they teach.

You should respect them just as you want them to respect yours,

And use your own mind to decide,

Whether the Muslim traditions should be ridiculed in this way,

And whether you will take them and defend the right side...

It's your choice...

- - -

Ok, before you guys say anything, this is not another rant that I'm trying to get out of my system. It's all completely true and it's happening. You're all from different places, but I'm sure you people musta heard of the protests and marches worldwide. Muslims are not happy...and I'm sure you wouldn't be either if it was your religion/beliefs.

Nowadays, I hate the feeling I have to cope with that I have to defend my religion and myself personally...just because of a stupid attack on our traditions. And before anybody starts pointing a finger at me, I'll admit that I'm not perfect. I'm guilty of swearing, checking out guys, listening to music and tons of stuff I shouldn't be doing, but this is not about me or about what certain Muslims are doing.

For example, I live in a society where gays and lesbians are completely acceptable; where they can get married, adopt kids and live how they want. In Islam, this isn't right but even so, this doesn't mean that I go around challenging people and killing them because of their differences. I got friends here on fp that are gay or lesbian and I accept it, though that doesn't necessarily mean that I want it happening.

I dunno if any of you people saw this programme, but in the last coupla weeks, there've been programs on the BBC channels talking about gay Muslims and bishops and whatnot. What angered me most of all, is that the people actually used quotes from the Koran to back up their ideas...and that's what gets to me. When people start manipulating sacred teachings and ridiculing beliefs. This cartoon business in just another attempt at mocking Islamic beliefs in the works.

And before I keep talking, just remember this. The cartoons started cause of a certain Danish person, and they've certainly spread...but even if you're not Muslim, are you going to tolerate this? I'm not asking you to go out and kill or wateva, I'm just asking you to simply stand up and speak out...not much to ask, is it?