Run Thin

take the blade
pierce the skin
watch the red life thin

you can't handle it
too much to bear
it's more preferable in hell's lair

your boyfriend broke up with you
you got an F
and you think daddy actually left

"didn't that girl's
mother just die?"
"i don't remember seeing her cry"

oh, your life is so horrible
terrible, bad
death is preferable to being sad

"didn't that boy's
house just burn?"
"shut up, its my fucking turn!"

you fucking can't handle it!
its too much to bear!

you have a car!
food! money!
false cries aren't goddamn funny!

people like you!
shit, you have friends!
what's the need to have it end?

you're so self-centered!
all caught up in this fad
laugh! you know you aren't sad

someone has a worse life.
they're. sticking. through. it.
and you throw down the towel, you quit

why can't you fucking handle it?!
why the hell are your wrists so torn?
think of this, before:

you take the blade
and you pierce your skin
and you watch your red fucking blood run thin.