Extremely Weird Words and their definitions

Fagottist- bassoon player

Risorial- anything that causes laughter

Curple/corybungus- a person's bottom or fanny

Zatetic- pondering, questioning

Feek- to wander aimlessly

Pandy- a slap on the hand

Lalochezia- swearing or using abusive language to relieve tension

Balatronic- to act like a buffoon

Misopedia- hating children, especially your own

Wowser- a persnickety, self-righteous person

Hobbledehoy- a gawky teen-aged boy

Wobbegong- the carpet shark

Beblubber- to swell up from crying

Hirci- underarm hair

Mancinism- favoring the left hand

Willywaws- strong, violent winds

Paraph- a little squiggle at the end of someone's signature

Anadipsia- incredible desire to drink any kind of liquid

Lirp- snapping the fingers

Fescue- a teacher's pointer

Wheeple- a poor attempt to whistle loudly

Wagwag- polishing tool used by a watchmaker

Mopsical- having a dopey, blank expression on one's face

Icker- corn still on the cob

Snits- dried apple slices

Zex- underworld language for a warning signal, as in "LOOK OUT, SOMEONE'S COMING"

Stickamstam- a coin worth hardly anything

Acomia- the state of being bald

Frenulum- the stringy little muscle under the tongue

Threap- to constrict something

Wamble- to stumble and stagger

Tchick- sound made by pressing the tongue against the roof of the mouth and quickly pulling back

Shilpit- something that is totally useless

Mattoid- a person who is insane from birth

Lethologica- mental block for certain words

Rictus- using the word hell constantly

Calvities (kal-vish-ee-eez)- gradually growing bald

Furfur- flakes of dandruff

Dorty- crabby

Wootz- a primitive way of making steel

Wickiup- a Canadian Indian's hut

Keelivine- a lead pencil

Hoyden- a riotous young lady

Glock- swallowing in gulps

Cephalonamancy- telling fortunes by boiling the head of an ass

Antinganting- a lucky charm or good luck piece

Snook- to thumb your nose

Hypermimia- waving the hands about excessively while talking

Discalceate- to take off one's shoes

Pollex- the thumb

Eruct- to belch loudly

Aeolistic- describing a long-winded bore

Pharology- the science of lighthouses

Humdudgeon- an imaginary pain

Rixatrix- a nasty old hag

Tuckernuck- a picnic

Hewgag- a wooden toy whistle

Thesmothete- a law maker

Uxorilocal- pertaining to a husband who lives with his wife's parents

Aposiopesis- breaking off an idea in mid sentence

Idiolalla- a crazy condition in which the victim makes up his own language

Pootly-nautch – a puppet show for kids

Limosis- an urgent desire to eat chalk

Boondoggle- the act of trying to look busy when you have nothing to do

Yclept- so-named

Hypobulia- inability to make quick decisions

Ersatz- a bad substitute for something

Fussocking- fat and hard to handle

Merdivorous- eating dung

Psellism- pronouncing a word wrong

Nestcock- a "house husband"

Pachinko- a Japanese slot machine

Madefy- to make something wet

Sardoodledum- a melodrama

Hirple- to limp

Recto- the right hand page of a book

Morwong- the jackass fish

Perlicue- the skin between the thumb and index finger that looks like a web

Flanerkin- a big fat man or a big fat horse

Hodiernal- pertaining to today

Prolix- tedious, boring words

Menseful- polite, considerate

Funkify- to run away in fright

Tritavus- a great grandfather's great grandfather

Wuzzle- sloppy hodgepodge arrangement

Psithurism- the sound of wind whispering in the trees

Gelogenic- something which makes you laugh

Mickle- a whole lot of something

Zarf- a sleeve-like device to hold a cup of coffee

Underfong- to determine or resolve

Toddick- a very small quantity of something

Carwitchet- a funny pun

Tragus- the hard bump of skin between the face and ear opening

Pimola- a stuffed green olive

Rataplan- sound of a galloping horse

Gumpelfik- fidgeting and restless

Longanimity- patiently suffering while plotting revenge

Horbgorble- to putter around aimlessly

Fucate- disguised with paint

Novercaphobia- an abnormal fear of one's stepmother

Quidam- an obscure, unknown person