These four aren't really in any order, they're pretty much the thoughts left over from when I broke up with this guy.... He's now my current boyfriend if any of you care... But anyways.. this one is pretty recent, about a week ago.
Another Chance

You broke my heart once,
Now I'll give you another chance.
Don't ask me why,
I really don't know.

Dut you make me laugh,
The day doesn't seem quite so long.
When you're gone,
I miss you,
And I don't know why.

So many things are going wrong,
A friend I trusted,
Lied and betrayed me.
I was so depressed,
I almost went,
And started cutting again.

But you were there,
I could see that I didn't need that,
In the end,
It could only hurt me.

You broke my heart,
But you make me laugh.
I don't know why I'm drawn to you.
But I am.

I'm offering another chance,
It's up to you now.
What will you do?
Something repaired can be twice as strong.
I'm giving you another chance,
Will you take it?

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