Chapter 3: Kapple Cottages, Secure School/Slave-home for Orphaned, Outcast and Abandoned Children

Otter looked at her tiny pocket calendar, just for fun. Someone had checked off seven days-she had slept through the "Weak Week"!

Otter suddenly noticed she was extremely hungry and thirsty. Probably the only thing that had kept her alive for a week without food or water was the fact that she had been unconscious.

Luckily, Otter's parents had expected something like this. They also had news and an explanation of Shambles. They came early.

After ten minutes that seemed like ten eternities, they came-and were immediately bombarded with pleading for food and water.

"Hang on," Otter's mother said. "Here." She passed Otter a pickle and a juice-box. They were demolished in a matter of seconds.

"We have some news for you," Otter's father said.

"Could you first tell me why the heck there's a tiger on my bed?"

"That comes with the news. We've discovered we can't bring you back home. It's illegal-you are a diseased werewolf; therefore you are a double-disgrace and an outcast."

"So where will I live?" Otter demanded. "Am I supposed to go out in the jungle and make friends with Tarzan?"

"Umm…read this newsscroll article. It's where you're going."

She passed Otter a cut-out advertizement from the Mercury Times:

Kapple Cottages

A Secure School/Slave-home for Orphaned, Outcast and Abandoned Children

Kapple Cottages is a lush orchard centered with a three-purpose building. It is where the Staff live, where the children can trade Shapestones and where the children can replenish their supply of food and water. Once a child is set at Kapple, they live with a roommate in a two-room cottage. One room is the bathroom; the other is everything else. They are then tested for what job suits them and put to slave work either in a mine or farm or to work in a shop. They are given an allowance for their work-two shillings per week.

Therapists believe living as the in-charge house inhabitant and having to go to work prepares the children for later life, when they are released from the Kapple gates. (con. pg 12

Otter nodded silently.

"We thought you might want to have a companion."

Another nod. Otter refused to speak for the rest of the day.