(If you choose, you may try to imagine this entire essay being said with a witty, sarcastic British accent).

Oh my, oh my, oh my, aren't we at it again? This time MaxxRidarr is the focus of conflict. It's so much fun, isn't it? Well first may I say that college has changed me, because the teachers teach us to tear down our walls and let out everything we feel, so as to be able to act better. After all, on-stage, you're still you; the actions are yours, therefore the emotions are yours. Anyway, they teach us to go on our impulses and let our true feelings, so this essay is going to be a bit different than the past ones. That is because when I've argued in the past, I've been keeping myself in check, trying hard not to be like the flamers who constantly respond to my wonderful philosophical anecdotes. I succeed for the most part, but now I feel like a fool for doing so. These people don't deserve the respect that I gave them, nor the attention that the rest of this site gives them.

At the same time, I must say that many of the users on this site are fools as well. I say that because only fools would not be able to recognize and acknowledge their own potential. Even bigger fools are the ones that recognize but don't acknowledge other people's potential, a trait that is common on this site. For those of you who hate flamers, I have an assignment for you: Go back to your stories, find the worst flame you've ever gotten, get that flamer's email address, email them, and thank them for their review(if you want, you don't have to say anything at all). You'll feel so much better. I'm going to try to do that from now on. It's nice to know that I'm a respected writer. I mean, honestly, if people are that scared of my potential that they have to try and destroy it, then I'm a right-happy person. The more flames I get, the more I'll write.

What, you don't like that last sentence about potential? Well, it's pure logic. If they weren't scared of the potential that exists in me, then they wouldn't need to say anything, would they? Think about it, if you, an excellent writer, are told that a person that you think is a terrible writer has the potential to be just as good as you, wouldn't you be a little scared(this is, of course, assuming that the other writer is trying to improve)? Of course you would! If that other writer has the same potential as you, then he also has the same chance at getting a deal as you. That writer could possibly get the job you want, and that's a scary thought, so you try and eliminate the other writer by being fearsome(which most of you are terrible at, I might add. Remember, name-calling is something you used to do on the playground in elementary school. Most of the writer's on this site are in college. Before you call me a hypocrite for the number of names I've used in this essay already, let me remind you that I am not trying to silence anybody).

One of my fellow college students is a very pretty, very attractive young woman who is from my hometown, however, I didn't know her before this. She is a complete angel; on of the very few stunningly beautiful women I've met who isn't mean in any way. One of the assignments for our acting class was to tell about our lives---the traumas, the secrets, the likes, the hates, etc. This woman got up there, and exposed all of her views, trauma's and secrets with us. Some brought joy, other tears, but one thing remained constant: she was fearless. She was not afraid to show people the sides and facts about her that they hadn't seen. She took a huge risk exposing her life to us, and we were mightily impressed, as was our teacher, at her courage and fearlessness, for in acting, you must be fearless, or you will not get very far. The same thing applies in writing. Those of you who are fearless writers will get very far---much farther than the flamers, so be proud of that. If you truly love what you do, then you will take risks and break rules. If that sounds selfish to you, than I only have one question: do you want your writing to be noticed or not?

(As for the usual argument about right and wrong, which I feel that I must comment on as usual, I say the same thing: in a debate or argument, people's opinions differ but no one's argument is "wrong." They are equal. If you disagree with that, than I urge you to stay away from English 101 in college.)

Don't write to impress anyone, unless you're trying to get a job. It seems to me that more and more people on this site write with a goal of trying to impress the users. Don't. These users have the same amount of accurate facts as the Wikipedia website might have(if you go to Wikipedia-dot-com, you'll notice that there is a tab that says "edit page", allowing anybody to alter the information on any Wikipedia entry).

With that said, adieu.

Sincerely and whole-heartedly,


P.S. Feel free to read the latest chapter in my on-going science fiction story, War Across the Stars: The Battle Begins in the science fiction center.