A.N. - A reaction to a dead class and the refusal of learning. I wanted to examine why one would not want learn, and decided comfort in one's old ways (ignorance) is easier and more lucrative than exerting the effort to learn.

Out of the Dark Ages

Hung over on the early morning,
shielding my eyes from rays
shining down mercilessly
illuminating an unwanted new day.

Pupils that refuse to focus
grasp upon that easily splayed
for all to know and all to see
while half-asleep in bed I lay.

Bury my head under the pillow,
don't want to hear what they have to say.
Comfortable in my pre-dawn darkness
I do not heed the call to play.

Refusing to accept the future
has led it to pass me along the way.
It's only that which has already been
that I wish with all my might to delay.

I was happier in the dark, not knowing.
The past is that for which I pray.
Is my mentality too Draconian?
I prefer my world in shades of gray.