I've just realised that all my poems seem quite depressing. Sorry. I'm a very happy person really, it's just its easier to write about the stronger emotions and unfortunately pain and sadness has more of an effect than smiling.


Curled up inside against the words.

The words which hit her with

Emotional force,

Leaving scars which cannot be seen.

Staring into the distance,

As the tears crawled down her cheek,

Eroding the barrier she puts between

her and them.

The insults, the accusations,

The sterotypes,

Building up and penetrating the


Wriggling and squirming like parasites

Into the vulnerable flesh and


Causing pain where it cannot be seen,

But leaving the deepest scars.

Scars of the heart and soul.

Everybody bleeds, only some bleed inside.

The carefully built resistance can only

Take so much before it crumbles,

Brick by brick,stone by stone.

A careful collapse ofa fragile wall.

Then retaliation, an explosion of emotion

Screaming, pleading, silence.

The aftermath, a slow healing

Of a new barrier

The cyle restarts, the life of a


As the insults keep coming.