The night was calm, peaceful; though, rainy as it was. It was dark, the night sky like an endless abyss of promises - promises of a beautifully peaceful life beyond the ones of our own. It was quiet atop the rooftop - the bustling city below sounding like the dull roar of an audiotape. Cars honking, sirens screeching, people yelling - All of it was a tiny whir in the back of my mind, one that couldn't be compared to the near silence I heard now. I let the calmness of the night penetrate my mind, and allowed my body to be taken over by the natural forces of the Earth.

It was like a beautiful thing, being able to let my life be controlled by that other than by my boss, family, and myself. My body was completely out of my control - my eyes closed as though of their own free will, my arms and legs went limp, my head gently pulled back; it was as though my body was weightless.

My head cleared - something I haven't been able to do in years. All of my worries, thoughts, dates, memories - Everything was taken away; my mind was wiped blank. Bliss had to be this, this moment of emptiness, happiness; this is what I was experiencing, this near-unattainable peace very few get to feel. I was the happiest man on Earth.

And as the screams began - as the people realized the object racing the rain from the skies - I noticed none of this. I had stood up there with a smile on my face, I had fallen with a smile on my face, and I had left an imprint upon the world and its peoples with a smile on my face. I had fallen away from the heavens, only to be able to allow myself to be completely free, and to allow myself to become one with the heavens themselves - to be one to join with that great utopia in the heavenly abyss beyond.

Robin's Note: Yay!