Bane; "So it's a little weird. I…almost…like this one!"

A; "It's a miracle."

Bane; -.-'

Moonshine, be my Northern Star.

Moonshine, be my guide.

Moonshine, mend my shattered dreams;

let my gloom in heart reside.

Moonshine, light my weary path,

that I can go my way.

Moonshine, give me wings of faith,

that soar from here I may.

Moonshine, show me worlds unknown,

only mine eyes can see.

Tell me of fields, of flowers benign,

and thine glow from above; your decree.

Moonshine, speak of summer fine,

of silver shimmer by night.

Asunder, no pieced, for a week, as you may.

Rekindle my love for your sight.